Applications | Transparent Lighting industry

Are you looking for a part of clear and transparent plastic that replaces ordinary glass? One of our biggest vacuum specialties is to make clear plastic parts. These are mainly used in the lighting industry for both inside and outside.

Materials and operations
Transparent plastic materials are increasingly being used in various industries because it has many advantages over, for example, glass. Transparent plastic is lighter and stronger, so suitable for burglary and vandalism. Materials used are mainly Polycarbonate (PC), Acrylic (PMMA) and Pet-G. These can be delivered in transparent or with special light-transmitting colors.

Clear and transparent plastics are easy to handle by vacuum forming or thermoforming. The possibilities in our manufacturing process are numerous and our experience makes every part of the highest precision. Do you doubt whether transparent plastic is the solution for your product? Please feel free to contact us.
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