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Are you looking for plastic parts for your device or machine? By vacuumforming or thermoforming, we can produce almost every conceivable component. Everything is custom made ​​especially for you and can be ordered in several runs.

In benefit of your device we can provide the following components among others by thermoforming or vacuumforming:

  • Interior parts such as seals, reservoirs or plastic covers
  • Exterior trims
  • Plastic panels
  • Complete housings

If you are uncertain whether plastic parts are the solution to your device or machine? We like to think along with you! Please contact us and ask about the possibilities.
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In-house engineering for the design of your plastic parts.
Our engineers have years of experience with the techniques and materials being used. By Rapid Prototyping we can deliver a first prototype within 24 hours. Even if you do not have a design of your product, we can still build a prototype. With our years of experience in vacuumforming and thermoforming we can manufacture a prototype during the design process so you can achieve the best result.

Our plastic parts can be found in all kinds of appliances and machines.
The components we have manufactured through thermoforming and vacuumforming have been used for more than 75 years in all kinds of devices. We have supplied plastic parts for devices and machines in:

  • Medical systems
  • Vending machines
  • Drink- and candy machines
  • Domotics products
  • Products in the healthcare sector

Use the saving potential of thermoforming and vacuum forming for your devices and machines.
The possibilities are endless. You have your choice of components in a wide range of materials, thicknesses, surface textures, colours and shapes. We manufacture any desired item with the utmost precision and high quality.
Are you wondering what the possibilities are for your machine or device? Please contact us now at +31 (0) 164 23 60 33 or send an email to: