Your specialist in vacuum forming and thermoforming

We are continuously improving our processes. The newest machinery in combination with our years of experience make us your ideal partner. We think along with you during the entire process.

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We vacuum form various plastic parts for the automotive industry, device construction, and lighting industry. It’s also possible to order custom products.

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In addition to vacuum forming and thermoforming, we also offer you additional operations, such as milling and assembly. We have several 5-axis CNC controlled mills …

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Our products are used for the most diverse applications, such as bus seats, airocunits, radar domes and a passport scanner housing.

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From idea to form

OUR METHODA clear overview

Concept phase
Global product specifications
Functional requirements / materials
Test phase
Serial die (or tool)
Production phase
Ready for production

Concept phaseGlobal product specifications

At the first contact we will ask a few questions to get a global idea of your product.
You may consider:
• Global Product Specification / Measurements
• Application
• Mechanical requirements
• Visual requirements
• Serial size
• Surface structure (PU)

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Concept phaseFunctional requirements / materials

After reviewing the global requirements, we will go deeper into the details to get the best solution.
You may consider:
• Material type
• Colour & structure of the material
• Any fire standards
• Special requirements (think of chemical resistance and UV radiation)
• Tolerances in sizes
• Mould design, type, single or multiple
• Positive or negative forms (mould side)

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Test phaseTrials

You have chosen the right type of plastic, the 3D cad / cam files are ready and we will make your trial or protoype.
We'll form on a polyurethane foam mould so that we can make adjustments to the final design.

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Test phaseSerial die (or tool)

After your trial or protoype has been approved and any adjustments have been made, you can order the alloy die.
Production on this mould, partly due to the use of refrigeration pipes, gives a steady product and hardly wears out.
The CNC supporting jig for the 5-axis post-finishing is made after the first formings.
This time we also make a first out of tool that has to be approved by you before we start producing the series.


Production phaseReady for production

As soon as we have received the approval of the trial or protype, we will start production.



This year we are again partner and sponsor of the Solarteam Eindhoven with their new car Stella Vie. Will […]

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For several years in a row Plastica has been working closely with TU Delft for, among other things, the […]

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Latest Thermoforming machine is installed

New Thermoforming machine is up and running

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Latest Thermoforming machine is installed

New Thermoforming machine is up and running

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What customers sayReviews

From our vision of continuous improvement, we recently introduced a new shower concept called ReBoost. We have involved Plastica in …

Peter van Overbeek
Director - MSS International
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What many people don’t know is that the types of plastic we work with, the so-called thermoplastics, are very durable because they can be recycled for 100%. All the plastic waste we have in Plastica is sorted by color and type of plastic and is collected to be processed into regenerated plastic sheets.

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Our advantagesOur advantages in a row

  • Contemporary machinery
  • Expert in vacuum- and thermoforming
  • We think along with you
  • Expert staff
  • All under one roof
  • Ook 3D printen is mogelijk
  • Over 75 years of experience