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Through vacuum forming we produce the most comprehensive products for you. Throughout the process, you can count on our support and service. From start to finish, we support you to achieve the desired result. We relieve you and come with a certain solution. Vacuum forming allows you to take advantage of the great benefits of plastic and using the latest machines makes it possible to dimensioning your product. Our maximum standard thermoform dimension is 3000 x 2000 x 1000 mm. The final size depends on your design. If desired, it is also possible to vacuum form aberrant product sizes.

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What isVacuum forming

Vacuum forming or thermoforming is forming a product by heating a plastic sheet. The sheet, a so-called “thermoplastic”, which is used for the thermoforming or vacuum forming is clamped in a stretcher. Then the sheet is heated until it is formable and air is blown under the sheet so a small sphere is created. Then a mould or die is pressed from the bottom in the hot sheet of plastic. At the same time, the air between the mould or die and the plastic sheet is sucked away and the product gets its actual shape. After cooling down the sheet the mould or die is removed from the product and the product is ready for further finishing.

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We vacuum form various plastic parts for the automotive industry, device construction, and lighting industry.
It's also possible to order custom products.

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In addition to vacuum forming and thermoforming, we also offer you additional operations, such as milling and assembly. We have several 5-axis CNC controlled mills in-house, also as a 3-axis CNC controlled milling machine.
Thanks to these mills, we can finish your products at 0.5 mm accuracy (+/-) (+/-)
Assembly is also part of Plastica's possibilities.

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Our products are used for the most diverse applications, such as bus seats, airocunits, radar domes and a passport scanner housing.

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The benefits of vacuum formingAll the benefits in a row

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