Techniques | Durability Plastica and durability

What many people don’t know is that the types of plastic we work with, the so-called thermoplastics, are very durable because they can be recycled for 100%. All the plastic waste we have in Plastica is sorted by color and type of plastic and is collected to be processed into regrind plastic sheets.

In addition, we also buy a lot of recycled plastic, this is what we call regrind, as a basis for new, fresh, durable products.
Also, most of our covers will be used for lot of years and after that they can be offered to a plastic recycling company.

Plastica & durability
Our company building is also becoming more sustainable, and at the beginning of 2017 together with the province of Noord Brabant, the company association LMM, Aangenaam Bergen op Zoom, municipality Bergen op Zoom and us started the project “Energy Neutral Business Process”
This specifically implies the following to us:
Solar panels are placed on our roof to generate electricity, thus reducing our power consumption and reducing our ecological footprint.
We will also recover more heat from our production processes to heat our own property and probably also nearby properties.
Plastica has already replaced all lighting with energy-efficient LED lighting and we’ve purchased one of the most energy-efficient production machines.
By participating in this project, we will take another step to further energy, and thereby work more sustainable.Plastic has unfortunately a negative image regarding the environment. Consider the plastic soup in the big ocean.

Therefore CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is taken very seriously at Plastica.
We believe that we must take our responsibility for humans and the environment.