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Most of our products, are created as customized parts according to the needs and specifications of our customers.
For a special situation, we will make a special product. It is a challenge to make customized parts for you

Design according to your wishes
Each new design starts at the drawing board and is the first step toward actual production by vacuum forming,
thermoforming or even draping. To achieve a good product, we work close with you from the beginning. 
With cooperative thinking,  we give you that extra added value.

Some examples that speak to the imagination:

  • 3D chocolate mould of Nicolette executed in full size
  • Giant dolls for NAC
  • Canopy for the Shell challenge ECO mobile
  • Canopy for the TU Delft WASUB
  • Windows and headlights for the STELLA of Eindhoven University
  • Windows for the ECO Runner of TU Delft
  • Glovebox for spacecraft performed in clear panels
  • Red plate and bowl, medieval plate and bowl scanned and then vacuum-formed from high gloss red polystyrene

Innovation and originality
You have a new and unique idea and want to execute by using techniques such as vacuum forming or thermoforming?
And you would like to know if it can be executed in shape, material and colour?
Please contact us directly to see if we can fulfill your wishes (+31) 0164-236033 or sent an email to:

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