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Almost everyone has used public transport. Chances are that you have come across components made by vacuum forming. We form various parts for busseats as the seat and backrest. Also the airconditioning units are produced by us by vacuum forming.

Support through experience
We are continuously working to improve our processes. The latest machines combined with our years of experience makes Plastica the right partner for you. Even after delivery of your order, we are always available for questions and support. For us that is just as important as the order itself. Would you like to know if we can offer the solution for your design?
Ask us about the possibilities for thermoforming or vacuumforming +31 (0)164 23 60 33 or sent an email to

Quality and production
To form our products, we use various materials and techniques. Thermoforming and vacuum forming is part of our daily work. Due to high quality materials, the quality and durability of our parts is guaranteed.

Are you looking for a product for a boat or a car? In our production process it is also possible. The market is very large and we form products from trucks to fighter jets. Another component that we make for this sector by thermoforming are the soft-touch dashboards.
A very well known product, which is produced by means of vacuum forming, are our tyre pallets that are intended for the storage of the summer and winter tires.
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