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Cooperative thinking 
Once you have an idea, even though it is drawn on the back of a beer mat, you can come visit us and share your package of wishes and requirements. We can convert your idea into a 3D file and design the template and develop a first prototype of your product with the ultimate goal of a high-quality end product.

Because we have everything in the field of development, engineering and production, we keep the lines short,  switch quickly and you can save a lot of costs without sacrificing quality

Our experienced team of engineers can convert your idea or development into a 3D-form of a vacuum forming design.

A piece of care
We understand as no other that the threshold to actually take action when you have a good idea can be quite high. Especially if you do not have the right resources to make your idea tangible.
We want to remove this threshold by taking over a piece of development and providing you with the drawings so that you eventually have a 3D file of the product you have imagined.
Taking a design agency often takes a lot of investment and they’re missing the right knowledge to design a good product with the use of vacuum forming.